Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clothes for my daugther - Moms' 30 Min Blog Challenge at Steadymom

My daughter who is 5 1/2 is very petite. She is long limbed, but short and lean. This winter I found she had outgrown almost all her fall clothes and I went out and bought her some new tights and pants. Since everything she had at home was a size 5, I ended up buying size 7 for the most part.

On the jeans I made sure they had adjustable waists or at least good loops for belts. But on the tights there were no such option. Needless to say all her pants fell down around her knees the first day she wore them and she was somewhat frustrated when she came home from school. Though I must admit it was pretty funny when her pants fell down while at the playarea at the mall.

My mom and I decided that it was time to redo the elastic in the waists on all the tights. We snipped the waistband open and threaded with new elastics. So much better now, but then she didn't like the little knot that we had made in the back. It hurts mamma...

Now the pants have been on my sewing table for almost a month for me to sew the elastic together. It is just not getting done. I do have a feeling though that I will have to put it on my to do list for today as she just told me her closet is empty for pants and she just has dresses left. Can't let her wear dresses when it is raining and I really do not feel like doing laundry.

Finally my to do list for today is
get Isabel to school, biblestudy group for me and Sofie, grocery shopping, sewing, cooking and baking.
Should be a great day as these are all things I actually enjoy doing, but have been putting off for so long.

That took me 20 minutes.
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Heidi said...

I totally know your struggle! My eldest boy will be 5 in May. In length, he's a solid size five, but he's not little to no bootie to hold up any pants! I had to get him his first belt, one that has the two hoops to pull the strap through. We don't wear tights in our all boy house, but it sounds like you've got a good solution in mind.

Feel free to use my Peaceful Days post with your MOPSPS group, please let them know where you found it. ;)


Leslie said...

good luck with your sewing projects! I also have a very slender 7 year old with similar clothing struggles! And thanks for the comment on my blog!

Amanda said...

Wow this is a gorgeous blog! I think every mother to ever live could relate to a bit of mending waiting for her. I definitely can!

se7en said...

I have a mending bag that has been lurking for years - seriously, the clothes I was mending for one child are now ready to fit someone else down the line. I have just started having a friend come over once a fortnight, for an hour or two... the kids play and we mend - you wouldn't believe how effective it is!!! Have a good week!!!

jen said...

It's funny my sons and husband have the opposite problem. They have thick thighs and bottom. I'd like to learn how to make pants for them.