Monday, February 8, 2010

My crazy kid

Sofie who is now 7 months old loves to shake her head. She particularly loves doing this while we are trying to feed her. Right now she is overly tired, she is rubbing her eyes, sticking her hands in her mouth, and shaking her head, all while trying to eat her cereal. Lets just say she is a lovely sight.
My mom is putting Isabel in bed, reading for her upstairs. I can hear them and I am sure Isabel managed to get Bestemor to read an extra long story for her tonight.
Hubby is out visiting with a friend.
Oh, now we are blowing bubbles and sticking our tung out. Sometimes I wish I could film her while she is doing this. Actually I could, I just never remember to do so. It is amazing how loud these little ones can yell.
I guess I should just stop what I am doing here and just concentrate on her, but I just feel like I have to much to do and I just wanted to put some words down here before it got to late. I still need to do my biblestudy tonight for my class tomorrow morning and I have not even started.
Sometimes it just feels like time flies and just slips by me...

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