Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am so tired. For over a week now I have had to deal with a terrible toothache and it is wearing me out.

It all started last Tuesday with a visit to the dentist. He had told me before Christmas that I had six cavities that needed to be fixed and Tuesday I went in to get the two first ones done. I have always thought I was scared of the drill and all the tools that dentists use in my mouth, surprisingly enough it didn't bother me at all this time. Then again it is twenty years since my last cavity and I really do not remember much.

Everything went fine until he pushed down on my tooth and it hurt bad. He stopped and then he pushed again. Again it hurt and he says quickly before starting to fill it that if I get pain I should come back as soon as possible. Uh oh.

Wednesday comes and so does the pain. Since I am going back again the very next day I wait till then to have anything done about it.

Thursday comes and I mention to him the pain and he readjusts the bite a bit and goes ahead fixing the tooth on the other side of my mouth. Friday comes and I am still in pain and throughout the week it gets worse. Yesterday I was in so much pain that I could barely eat dinner as the hot food triggered even more pain. The only thing that works is ibuprofen.

Today I went back in and my dentist took new pictures and readjusted the bite some more. He found that I only have pain on one side of one tooth... okey interesting as my whole head still hurts. He thinks I might have to have a rootcanal, but wants to wait and see how I feel in a few days meaning Monday. Yeah I get to be in pain over the weekend as well.

On the bright side I now know I'm not afraid of the dentists tools, just the dentist...

Oh by the way I started crocheting a dress for my babygirl a few days ago and discovered today that I was making it to small. A little annoying to say the least. Here we go again.

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Amy said...

I've had the worst luck with teeth, I feel your pain, literally!
I hope you have it resolved, so glad you are more comfortable going, now!