Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the road to a energized life

This summer have been very draining on me. At one point I actually went to the doctor to have her check whether or not I was getting sick. She pointed out the obvious:

  1. I had one very sick little girl who needed me 24/7.
  2. I was not taking any time to myself.
  3. I was not exercising.
  4. I was not eating very well.
  5. I barely slept.

I had drained the last drop of energy out of my body and my doctors prescription was to take time to myself to re-energize again.

"How do I do that?" I asked. She told me to go into myself and think back to what would energize me before, even as long ago as when I was a teen.

It took me a while and when I did discover the answer I did a lot of research too as my body and lifestyle has changed drasticly the past ten years. I didn't want to do something that potentially could make me feel even worse.

My answer was exercise. As a teenager I did gymnastic at least 4 hours a week, I played European handball 3 hours a week and I would run or do cross country skiing at least 4 hours a week. Still with 11 hours of training a week, I never fell behind on my school assignments. Then in college I coached both gymnastics and soccer, while working and going to school. Still training up to 10 hours a week I had a active social life and kept up with school.

Now I hardly exercise, I am tired all the time and just can't keep up with hardly anything. I realize I really need to start exercising, but I have to do it carefully. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago in college. I am 35 lbs heavier, I have had two kids and I have had accidents that have given me cronic pain in my back, shoulders, neck and feet. These are all things that might all go away, well except for my kids, I'd rather keep them.

So I invite you with me on this journey. Not a journey to loose weight essentially, but to gain energy. Energy for my family and my friends and myself.

Share this with your friends and together we will make a difference in our own lifes and inevitably in our families lives.

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Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Thanks for the reminder. I am sooooo with you. I was a swimmer. And in the past couple of years I've trained for a 1/2 marathon and triathlon. This year? Nothing! Need to get back on track. Thanks for linking up on my pity party Marianne!