Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grateful Sunday 12

After starting this post with good intentions, it got put on the backburner a little and forgotten.

I had so much fun this week doing my Bible study. I am doing a study of faith by Beth Moore and this weeks homework was all about going back in time and finding where God has touched our lives.

Thank you for reading.

121. A good nights sleep.

122. A Bible study that brings the presence of God closer to heart.

123. A daughter who gives kisses while we sing before bed.

124. Long walks with the kids in the sun.

125. Bike rides in the rain.

126. Coffee with hubby late at night.

127. Babysitters who are the perfect fit.

128. Mentors who knows exactly what you are going through and are praying for you.

129. A new notebook for the important things in life.

130. The quietness after the kids are in bed and before they get up.

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Ashley said...

Great post! I love Beth Moore and her studies!! I love your mentor one, I would love a great mentor..I have been praying for one for a while! That is awesome:)

Marianne said...

Thank you Ashley. This is my second Beth Moore study and I have learned so much about myself and God through it. We are so lucky to have a very good program through our church that matches women up to eachother. It is called Charis and every year women sign up to either become a mentor or a mentoree. The organizers pray about who should be matched and everyone I have talked to (myself included) have got the perfect match every time. I love my mentor and are learning so much from her. We meet every other Wednesday and have coffee together, chat and pray. I hope you find a mentor too Ashley.

Lora said...

Nice. I've been wanting to do a beth moore study myself. i feel like i'm reading 100 books right now and it's put me on hold anywhere else. :)
Going back to meditate on the place in our lives where God touched us, whether we knew it or not then, sounds wonderful.
Blessings on your journey.

Stephani said...

I think what amazes me about these gratitude lists that we keep is the peace that abounds that we write them, but also when we read them. Stepping into those place where others are grateful is holy and awesome to share! Glad to meet you today!

Craig said...

I’m visiting from Ann’s today. I know it’s Wednesday – but there are so many!!

I always pick a favorite - and my favorite of yours today was 128. Mentors who knows exactly what you are going through and are praying for you. (I never was able to find one of those in my life – I’m now old enough to be a “don’t do this” mentor for others though :) – kinda this too :(

God Bless you and all of yours this day.