Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Church

Melbu Kirke

This is the church I grew up almost next door to. My dad got confirmed in that church; my aunt (dads sister) got married to her first husband there and had him laid to rest there when he died of cancer a month after their second child was born; my two oldest cousins were christened there; my parents got married there; I was christened, confirmed and married there; my oldest daughter was christened there; my dads parents were laid to rest there and my parents might some day too be laid to rest there.

This is my church. The church I was on the board for, working to save it from wear and tear. I helped decide on the colors of the new organ. This is the church that on a good Sunday would only have 10 people attending. This is where I left a part of my heart.

I will never move back to this little town, but I would like to show you pieces of where I am from. Pieces that shaped who I am today. My roots are strong and they are pulling on me to come back home to Norway. In only a few months I will be going home for the summer. Then I will be back here in the US again for almost a year before I move home for good.

This is where I am from. 


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

It looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I love learning small details about people. The simple things play a big part in shaping us into who we are:)

Ashley said...

Wow what a rich heritage for your family! So beautiful!! I have a home church that is much like that, I was raised there, went to school there, was baptized there, even worked there. It does seem like a second home! Thank you for linking up!

Milica said...

Such a gorgeous picture! How wonderful to have such a special connection to such a lovely, meaningful place!
I know how strong roots can be. We lived for awhile in some of my dream destinations, and I loved it in so many ways, but my heart always came back to my family and where I grew up.
I are back now, perhaps for good, perhaps not, but it sure feels good to be home while we are here.