Monday, March 21, 2011

What I achieved this week

Last week I decided to make a list of crafts I would finish by today. I didn’t put a lot on it, only to make four baby hats, lots of votives and a cover for my e-reader.

Since I started to clean for my neighbor last Monday, she bought 8 new microfiber wash towels. They were wonderful, but way to big for my small hands. I took them home and resized them. Some I cut in thirds and some in fourths like the one below. Now they are the perfect size and I can’t wait to try them out next week when I go cleaning again.

CIMG3876 CIMG3880

My daughter Isabel wanted to bring her two Bibles to church, but didn’t have a proper bag to carry them in. I had some left over horse print fabric from a pillowcase I made her for Christmas and some drop cloth and from that came a Reversible Bible  Bag. She loved it so much she even took it with her filled with her wallet and some other little trinkets when we went out shopping this weekend.

CIMG3895 CIMG3897 CIMG3899

My favorite this week and also the most painful project was the Jacket I made for my SONY E-reader. I hand sewed this and managed to push the butt end of a very thick needle into my fingers twice. I have barely been able to pick up anything using my right hand thumb and index finger the past few days. I used this tutorial to make it, but had to change it a little since my E-reader is different than the Kindle. There are things I would do different next time I make one, but it works well for me and I love the fabrics and colors I chose for it.


I made 15 more votives in sets of three. The design is very simple but I like them.

CIMG3882  CIMG3886

I know this is an old picture of the original hat and the first one I made. I have now tweaked the pattern to fit better and made two more hats. Unfortunately, my model did not want to cooperate today and I didn’t get any pictures of it yet.


For this next week I have planned to make a sleeve for my husbands new Ipad, more baby hats, paint one picture and who knows maybe I will find time to relieve myself of one other of my craft itches. It is a hard life having crafty ADD ;)

What are you up to this week?


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Great job on getting so many projects done! They look great! I love the jacket...even though I don't have a reader:)

Anna said...

Great job! Very creative!

Morgan said...

Good for you!! That's great!

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