Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy day

My husband is off of work today. He usually has at least Tuesdays off and sometimes even Thursdays. Since he actually had two days off this week we decided to try to get some things done. This is why I haven’t posted any of my regular postings this week.

Today I have spackled all around the house.

I washed ceiling and walls in the kitchen.

I cut trim with a fancy electric miter saw, made perfect measurements and kept all my fingers intact.

I painted some trim white and my husband painted the kitchen ceiling.

I did a ton of laundry that I still have to fold before I go to bed. I also started organizing Sofie’s closet, but that will have to be accomplished tomorrow.

I am attending a Homeowner association meeting in about 5 or 35 minutes, I don’t remember but it is at my neighbors so I’ll find out soon.

My in-laws are on their way here from Vancouver BC expecting to see the kids who’s bedtime it is in an hour. They could have come earlier, but as usual they took their time getting here.

I made mashed potatoes for dinner today and managed to cut my left hand pointy finger on the peeler. I can barely type with it.


Milica said...

When my husband is home I seem to get less done! I love the skunk pic! Hope tomorrow is better!

Jenner said...

That baby skunk is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And my in-laws know better than to visit, at least my MIL does. There is no love lost between us. I am pretty sure that she is Satan.