Saturday, April 16, 2011

Energized through Gymnastics

When I was 5 years old my mom decided to let me join our local Gymnastics club. Not that we had that many other choices. Where I grew up we only had a Gymnastics club, Swimming club, Soccer club, Folkdance club and the Ski club.

I first started out doing the usual kids class where there were mostly just playing and getting used to the equipment. When I was 6 I moved up to the competition level and learned the basics of uneven parallel bars, balance beam and floor exercise. I did my first floor exercise show when I was 7. Then when I was 8 my coach moved and the whole program disappeared.

That is when I started doing TeamGym in groups of either just girls and mixed girls and boys groups.

I also did a few years of Rhythmic Gymnastics which I also competed in and later coached myself.

After I turned 16 my whole gymnastic career has been centered around TeamGym and Display Gymnastics. I have competed and won with my groups, I have coached and I have choreographed. For 11 years this was how I stayed in shape and had fun, even through my first pregnancy. I even got to travel the world doing this, going to Gothenburg, Sweden and Lisbon, Portugal for the World Gymnastrada.

At 27 I moved to the states and I have not been able to find an adult group doing this kind of Gymnastics here, but next year I will be moving back to Norway and I hope I will be able to join again.

Here I want to share three videos taking at last years competition in my field. The first one shows First Place in big group, the second one is First Place in small group and the last one is to show how we also incorporate Rhythmic Gymnastics into this field. My hope is to join Finnsnes IL Turn next year as that is where we plan to move.

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Milica said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! We are a Rhythmic Gymnastics family! I didn't participate until I was older and only for fun, but my sister was the US junior national champion! My mother didn't want her to move away to train so we lived with it as a constant part of our lives! My sister ended up developing quite a figure even with all her training and that ended her run up the ranks.