Monday, April 18, 2011

Grateful on a Monday 20

I didn’t have time to write this post yesterday as I were outside enjoying the beautiful weather God graced us in the Northwest with.

I am so grateful today for so many things, among others

191. Finding a realtor who cares.

192. Knowing what is up ahead for us more or less.

193. Knowing that God knows what his plan is for us.

194. A little girl wanting to help even with the very hard work.

195. A very little girl who is finally showing the world who she is.

196. A husband who takes charge and cleans our home.

197. Knowing that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

198. Little girls playing quietly together for hours.

199. My husband wanting me to treat myself to something new.

200. People being so nice and kind when you are nice and kind to them.

1 comment:

Lora said...

isn't it awesome the way that the whole world seems nicer as we get closer to Him?

I keep thinking how strange it is the way that people are so much more approachable in the past few months. It feels like when I leave the check out line I am walking away from good neighbors who I've been acquainted with for years. The light hearted loving conversations are really a pick-me-up.
I've even wondered if I'm just becoming old enough looking to be taken as an actual adult. I've always looked kind of like a bratty teen/young adult. But the truth is I've become more approachable and neighborly as God has worked out my social kinks and stigmas. It's SO nice to love and be loved. :)

Great blessings list.

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Blessings Blog Friend! :)