Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our week in pictures


Monday: Big girls day out with Cupcakes, Frappuchinos, Dinner and LEGO.

Tuesday: Sofie and I went to a Concert with MOPS featuring David Harsh. Isabel and dad went ice skating and then out for lunch.

CIMG4085 CIMG4090 CIMG4091

Wednesday: We went out for breakfast and had Doughnuts. Yummy. Then we went to Pier 1 and tried the Papas an chairs there.

CIMG4140 CIMG4142 CIMG4145 CIMG4146 CIMG4147 CIMG4150 CIMG4155 CIMG4173 CIMG4175

 CIMG4196CIMG4183 CIMG4185 CIMG4187 

Friday we went to Olympia as we wanted to show Isabel the capitol of Washington. We got to see a demonstration where people got arrested. We took a walk down to the water to watch the water fowl. Isabel went running, that girl is going to become a world famous runner some day I’m sure. Sofie had so much fun walking and running too. Dad and Sofie had some bonding time. And I carried everything and took all the pictures but one.


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Looks like it was a great week!

Jenner said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a terrific week!!