Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So much to do, so little time…

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday and I am terribly late today. It has been two very stressful days for me and it will only get worse before it gets better.

That is why I need to do a brain dump here now, but first lets see what I managed to get done last week.

  • Wednesday: Clean my mother in laws house; wash floors at home; do laundry; wash walls at home; clean my netbook; clean grout in kitchen and powder room.
  • Thursday: Clean my bathrooms; cook up my ground meat; bake; ok ok I will plant flowers; clean up my craft table.
  • Friday: Sew something; clean something; if it’s not raining…it is Seattle folks I will do my kitchen ceiling.
  • Saturday: Make a dent in the community mulch pile.
  • Sunday: Organize my calendar; clean up a little; post some ads.
  • Monday: Grocery shop; run errands.

    I am not going to really go into the grout in the powder room as it really isn’t dirty, but I will wash down the walls and the floor later. The walls are yet not done, but I got the tools to get it done. Flowers are thriving although still not planted in my planters. I just found out I need to get some more to fill it out and make it nicer here. My craft table will get done, but I am a creative person…. The kitchen ceiling is in progress.

    Next week I will:

    • Kitchen ceiling: cut trim, put it up, sand and paint ceiling.
    • Dining room: Clean off craft table, cut trim, paint trim, put it up, clean walls and repaint.
    • Entry: Sand the door, wash it, paint it. Plant flowers and spruce up the stairs.
    • Walls, baseboards and doors: clean them off with manpower.
    • Master bedroom: Pack up books, disassemble bookshelf, purge, pick up, make bed ready for guests.
    • Walk in closet: Purge, pack away and organize.
    • Master bath room: Purge, clean, organize cabinets. Change light bulbs. Make ready for guests.
    • Hallway: Do laundry, purge and reorganize Sofie’s closet.
    • Bathroom: Organize laundry area. Purge, clean and organize cabinets.
    • Kids bedroom: Go through preschool papers and artwork. Purge and organize.

    I think that should be it.

    We just gave away our dog this evening. We have had Laika since spring 2007 and she was and is very much loved by my children. But with Sofies illness and my husbands crazy work schedule she just didn’t get the exercise and care she needed. On top of that, with us selling our condo as soon as we can and then moving back to Norway next year, she needed a new home. She is not going to live with a young family, mom, dad, two month old baby and a 7 year old female dog. They have already invited us to come back and visit with Laika.

    I am sad to see her go, I will miss the crazy dog who never gave up being a puppy. I will miss my running buddy and I will miss my daughters best friends and confidante. My heart is bleeding especially for Sofie who first word was Aika and who asks for her as soon as we have been away from Laika for more than an hour.

    I have mentoring tomorrow evening and a meeting on Thursday evening. I really don’t know when I will have time to blog. Now it is almost time for me to go to bed. Better post this and link it up to Amy at New Nostalgia.


    Jenner said...

    I'm very sorry to hear about your dog. I hope she went to a home where she'll be lavished with attention!

    Milica said...

    I'm happy you seem to have found a great home for Laika. I'm sure it was bittersweet for you though.
    Your to-do list has motivated me to get off the computer and get something accomplished!

    brooke said...

    That is a long list!!! Good luck

    Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

    I'm sorry about your dog, Marianne. I know how they become part of the family. I'll keep you all (especially your girls) in my prayers.
    Great job on what you've gotten accomplished...and good luck on getting more done:) I FINALLY hung a picture and an antique wash board in my bath/laundry room last night. (It only took me a year to get them on the wall!)