Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 5


I am trying my best to follow along with Anna’s Spring Cleaning at Ask Anna. Her day 5 of spring cleaning is to clean walls, doors, baseboards and touch up painting. I am in a little big of a special situation right now as we are getting ready to put our condo on the market for a short sale.

Every day though I wipe down one spot or another, such is life with young children. Today I will start with the walls, doors, and baseboards in my dining room, kitchen and hallway. There are places I need to touch up on the paint too, but since I will have to finish the trim in the dining room and the ceiling in my kitchen I will wait with the paint till I am done doing that.

I will skip the living room for now as it has to be repainted. The upstairs I will clean the doors and baseboards.

Every wall is now  cleaned off and spackled, but of course my camera is still at my mother in laws…

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Anna said...

Thanks for keeping up. I'm sorry about the short sale. We've had friends go through the same thing and it's so sad. I appreciate all your hard work even though you're in the midst of that.