Monday, May 2, 2011

The Family To Do’s

We are back at our regular schedule again this week, well except for my husband who actually has three days off. This means that we will get more done and that we might be ready to put the house on the market by next week.

Last week I made a very short list and I barely made it.

  • make a newsletter for MOPS.
  • make teacher appreciation gifts for the PTA.
  • get my house back together after the guests leaves.
  • purge and organize the water closet room.

    This week I will be making a list for every one in the household. These are all things that is not on our ordinary to do lists, except for Isabel’s Norwegian Homework because we have to do twice as much this week on it due to catching up this week.

    Isabel’s to do list

    • Norwegian Homework
    • Purge outdoor clothes
    • Purge shoes
    • Pick up and organize toys

    Sofie’s to do list

    • Purge and organize toys
    • Dust and clean table tops

    Jesse’s to do list

    • Prime and paint living room walls
    • Drop stuff off at Goodwill
    • Use carpet cleaner in living room
    • Post stuff on Craigslist

    Marianne’s to do list

    • Prep walls in living room
    • Attach molding in dining room
    • Touch up paint
    • Clean the floors downstairs
    • Use carpet cleaner in living room
    • Purge and organize storage closet
    • Help kids with chores
    • Make dinner list for May
    • Organize outdoor clothes closet
    • Clean baseboards
    • Clean powder room
    • Buy and hang up curtain rods and curtains in laundry room
    • Put away Easter decor
    • Decorate living room for sale
    • Clean decks

    There will probably be more added on to this as we go along.

    And look at that we actually got a head start :)

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    brooke said...

    You are always so busy!!!

    Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

    Good job, Marianne! I have to get my meal list organized today, too. If I put it off, cooking dinner is chaotic and stressful. Have a great day!

    Milica said...

    Looks like you have a full plate! I really need to do this too with our move (hopefully)less than 2 weeks away! You always inspire me to get a bit more done!

    Jenner said...

    It sounds like everyone is very busy! You should be proud of the headway you've made. I was also a bit tickled by the phrase "water closet". Hee hee. That's a bathroom, right?