Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grateful Sunday 26

Since it is Father’s day today I will focus on a few on the most important men in my life, because I am so grateful for

My late grandfather

251. for always having time for me no matter what.

252. for teaching me how to use a knife and work the farm the old fashioned way.

253. for all the nicknames he had on us grand kids.

My dad

254. for always working so hard to make a good life for us.

255. for teaching me the value of saving before buying.

256. for always wanting to help me and my family.

My husband

257. for working so hard to keep us with all we need.

258. for supporting me when people are giving me trouble.

259. for loving me the way I am and staying with me through good and bad.

260. for loving our girls and always being there for them.

I am not going to link up this summer, but I will keep the list going. I just don’t have time to visit others and I don’t think it is fair then for me to link up.

Happy Father’s Day.


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

What a great idea to honor the men in your life! I love #252 and #255 because they are simple things that aren't always considered 'normal' but are so important. I love #259 because that's how a marriage is supposed to be :)
Have a safe trip! Can't wait to read all about it ;)

Beth said...

I'll still read your posts, even when they are not linked up! I see these lists all over the blogs but haven't really investigated what the list is about. You have a great list though and you are focussing on the right things in life. It's unfortunate so many women have bad men in their lives so we need to appreciate the good [great] men in ours, right? I love the men in my life- past and present. Thanks for sharing about the men in your life. Always, thanks for your post.