Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pictures from the past few years–Sofie

She was born on June 26th 2009.


Her sister loved her right away and she was fiercely determined.


She is adventurous and loves handbags and hiding.


Then in May of 2010 she got very sick for the first time and we found out she had immune deficiency. Over the next few months she battled hard and won.

2010-06-17 12.09.31

On her birthday in 2010 she celebrated her day together with her big sister, but she didn’t feel good at all.

2010-06-26 11.36.53_Edmonds_Washington_US2010-06-26 14.33.342010-07-02 15.46.41_Lynnwood_Washington_US

During the 4th of July weekend she had to have intravenous antibiotics once a day for four days

2010-07-02 16.27.462010-07-03 14.45.11


Then she got a pic line and I could administer the intravenous antibiotics to her myself at home.

2010-07-30 09.45.08





Finally she got over the worst of it, but for the next year she was sick a lot. Now she is doing better.









She is such a goofball. IMG_7581

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