Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pictures of the week


The Bottle cap pirate.


My cousin drew this horse with pastel colors last year for me.


At a thank you tea party at my daughters school I won a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


When you see this pile on my floor don’t you almost fell bad throwing it away. Just think about all those flowers you could make with all that scrap material…


A work in progress, it almost got infested with baby spiders this week. They were all over the window and I panicked. Yes I am that afraid of spiders. Bug spray took care of it and I had to ask my husband to help me clean it all up since I am way to scared of the spiders to even handle the dead ones.


This is the nicest pictures I could get of this little bugger. She so silly.

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Ches said...

Those flowers are beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope my blog organization tips are useful for you.