Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grateful Sunday 30


If you look closely at the picture you can see the rings formed by the mackerel hunting their pray.

I am so grateful for

291. The quiet hours in the morning when I can sit downstairs looking out at the weather, listening to the waterfall outside and the fire in the oven, reading or writing while nursing my first cup of coffee for the day.

292. being able to watch the mackerels feed right outside my window, spotting the little whales that live here feeding on those mackerels, life goes on.

293. taking a nice hot bath in a bathtub so big that I can cover myself in water.

294. snuggling with my girls in the morning when I go upstairs to wake them up for the day.

295. long walks in beautiful surroundings where you can spot signs from both moose, fox and sheep.

296. looking for crabs on the beach with Isabel.

297. being out in the boat knowing that my dad trusts me and my abilities to handle the boat so well that he isn’t worried even when I have my girls with me.

298. seeing the contentment on Isabel’s face when she’s in the boat.

299. seeing the love on my girls faces when they see their grandparents and the love on my parents faces when they see the kids.

300. my dad working so hard to secure this house for another hundred years.

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