Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grateful Sunday 32


Wednesday is my dads birthday and I want to dedicate this Sunday to him.

I am so grateful

311. that the midwife who delivered my dad managed to save his life when he was born by quickly dipping him in hot and cold water.

312. that his grandfather managed to save my dads life twice when as a child he first almost went under the ice in the river and later when he fell head first into a pond and couldn’t get up on his own.

313. that my parents both went to work on the Coastal Cruise Liner in the late 60’s and then met when they worked on the same boat.

314. that my dad now as a retiree finally has time for fun.

315. that my dad’s health is still pretty good and that he can still go on long hikes with me.

316. for my dad teaching me to always do my best and that it doesn’t matter the result as long as I have done my best.

317. for my dad trusting me and not getting angry when I make mistakes.

318. for the love my children showers on my dad and the love he gives them.

319. that my dad not often comments on my mistakes.

320. for my dad being my dad.

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