Friday, July 15, 2011

My Daybook

Outside my window... the sun is shining. Our second sunny day since we came to Norway this summer. I really hope this will last so the girls and I can go swimming soon. 

I am thinking... of how lucky I am to be right here, right now.

I want to do something fun today since I did nothing but laundry and baths yesterday.

I am thankful for... my great grandfather who built this sturdy house in this exact spot and for my grandfather and dad who has taken such good care of of this old house.

From the learning rooms... sounds absolute quietness. Though Isabel will every once in a while find her math book or cursive writing book and work on those for a while.

From the kitchen...I can smell the coffee my mom just made as I am sitting by the kitchen table eating my two pieces of bread and working on this post.

I am wearing... my favorite jeans and t-shirt, my pink watch and faith bracelet, and as always around my neck hangs my cross and my husbands heart.

I am creating... the best summer memories that I can for my girls.

I am going... to take the kids out in the boat today I think to row as far as I can before I start the engine.

I am reading... Norwegian magazines and “Good Girls Don’t Get Fat” by Robyn Silverman.

I am hoping... that this weather will last for the rest of the summer and that I will stop itching from all these mosquito bites.

I am hearing… the water fall, the fire and my mom as she is taking her medicines.

Around the house... we have been cleaning and picking up and getting rid of old clothes that are not in use anymore. Making space for the rest of the family that will arrive in  a few weeks.

One of my favorite things... just looking out of the window…

A few plans for the rest of the week: going in the fjord tomorrow to civilization to get online and post all the posts I have made since I came to Norway, checking my email and look for more books online. Go fishing again. Take more walks and go exploring with my dad and the kids. Cook good meals with my mom. And try to get in some exercising.

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