Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pictures from our second week


My dad built this boat dock by himself. Before then we just docked right on the beach. In front is the equipment elevator that we use to haul things up to the house. Right here the buckets are holding rocks that my dad is using to finish off the sitting place up by the house.


Here my dad is putting in place a big flat rock he’s found, filling in with the little rocks that’s in the buckets.


Isabel is constantly carrying around her little buckets to collect things.


Sofie is stuck after locking the door on herself preventing her from doing her favorite thing of running around the house, in one door and out the other.


My dad using the sitting place for the first time for the first barbeque of the year.


The girls and my mom enjoying the sun on the stairs, teasing me and my camera.


She never likes to be in front of the camera.


Grandma making sure any ouches are taken care of.


A rare picture of me and Sofie, taken by Isabel.

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Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

I love your pictures! What a beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing them with us.