Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Safety in boats


Lately on Norwegian TV there has been a lot of focus on Boat Safety and the use of life jackets.

When it was decided that we were coming here on the summer and that we were to spend most of the summer at our summer house I told my mom that we needed new life jackets for the kids.

My kids have never had their own life jackets and when ever Isabel has been with my dad in his big cruiser she has never really needed to wear one, but has had my old one just in case.

My dads view is that it is good to have, but just not necessary. My parents keep their gear in the boat, never wears it and if something were to happen they would not have time to put their gear on before they drown.

At least now I have managed to get my mom to wear hers, my kids got tip top life jackets, I am wearing mine and my dad is not so much. Hopefully he will at least provide whoever is with him in the boat a life jacket from now on.

I beg you, if you are ever in a boat, especially small like ours, to please use a life jacket.

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Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Absolutely! Good post, Marianne! This past Friday, I witnessed a young girl being pulled from a swimming pool and given CPR. It seemed to take forever...but they got her breathing again. Thank God! It's an image I'll never forget, though. Water safety is so important. Unfortunately, many people see life vests like seat belts. Both are so easy to just put on to stay safe...and yet, people don't do it. I'll never understand. Thanks for the great reminder! Hope you're having a wonderful time in Norway!