Saturday, July 9, 2011

What can I do?


“What can I do?” is a question I hear quite often both at home in the US and here in Norway. Back in the US I try to come up with an activity for her or we end up going to the play area at a park or at the mall. Being that we are on vacation in a place where there is absolutely no other kids except your 5 year older/younger sister and it takes 20 minutes by boat just to get to civilization you are on your own trying to entertain yourself.

“Can I go outside and play” is another question that I hear a lot and back in the US I have to tell her no and here all I have to say is stay off the big rocks and the seagulls nest and please do tell me where you  are headed.

One day there were just to many mosquitos outside to be able to go outside to play and Isabel was getting restless. She’s got plenty to do here too, but sometimes she does need a reminder. On the dining room table there is a pile of reading books, writing books, math books, science books and drawing books. Upstairs there is a playroom just for her with Barbie’s and other little toys that Sofie shouldn’t get her hands on. The reminder; “Here is a list of chores you can do if you don’t have anything to do”. I didn’t see her until bedtime.

I love the freedom the kids can have here, running around the house, playing outside and inside. Using their creativity and imagination to play and entertain themselves.

As for the TV… as far as the kids know there is only children’s programs on for about 40 minutes every evening and I prefer it that way. Let us keep it to ourselves that there is a whole children’s channel showing kids shows all day.

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