Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hiking: it is all about ups and downs

This year is really the first time I have ever gone hiking here. Growing up my dad was always too busy to go hiking or he decided it was to difficult and hard for me. Instead I would go with my mom who only likes to go hiking on flat ground.

This is a series of pictures from two very different hikes. The first one is from the beach, the only “flat” surface to go hiking on and one I would always do with my mom when I was growing up. The other one is from the mountain / forest where I would only go with my dad as it is and up and down kind of hike.


My dad built a little bridge over the river from the material he cut down to get space for a bridge.


Sandbakkan is the closest farm to us, but after they moved from it in the 60’s no one has been back to take care of it and it is now taken back by the forest. I used to call the tree Isabel is standing by my umbrella tree as a child because you would never get wet under it if it rained. Every time it rained my mom tells me I wanted to go there and just sit for an hour or so just watching the rain quietly.


Crossing a river on the beach.


Always with a bucket in hand in case she finds any treasures. On this hike she had to stop and go through it all twice because her bucket got so full she could hardly carry it.


Sofie is always with us in the Beco on my back. Good exercise considering that I am carrying about 21 lbs with me.


Our other hike went up the river. I had never gone this way before and it was truly spectacular. Behind us is two waterfalls and with all the mist in the air we got quite wet.


My dad was so excited to show us this big rock that has fallen down from the top of the mountain and got stuck about half way down. There is a nice little cave under it and fresh water too.


This picture is taken by me when I was inside where my dad and kids were on the previous pictures.


This is from the back of the rock.


The view down on the farm / summer house.


The view across the fjord.

Unfortunately I got no pictures of the hike up the mountain. This is due to the fact that it is all going uphill and you need both arms to pull you up otherwise you will fall right now and get hurt. Going down is hard to get pictures of too as you need both arms to hold on to any trees so you don’t slide right down and get hurt.

I am so proud of my kids who has no been to places no kids younger than Isabel has ever been before.

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Rosanna said...

So jealous! It looks like you had a wonderful time and I am sure the girls will remember and appreciate this forever.