Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year–New Hopes and Plans

I wish all my readers a Happy New Year.

May it be a blessed one for you.

Every year I start out with new hopes and new plans for my life, most of the time they disappear in becoming good intentions that fall flat. I was reflecting on why this happens and I think I know why.

I have never written my hopes and goals down ever so this year I will break my life down into bits and pieces and build goals on the different aspects of my life.

I will make one post per aspect and list my resolutions there with some inspiration to get it done found on pintrest.

Tips, tricks and encouragement is greatly appreciated as this will be a year of great changes for me and my family.

  • We will be loosing our home soon and will have to find a temporary place to live.
  • We will be moving to Norway this spring/summer with no jobs in sight as of now.
  • We will be starting in new jobs this summer/fall in Norway and the kids will start in a new school/daycare.

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Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

It will work out. Give it to God.
Happy New Year!