Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Tips to Purge your Christmas Decor

Since we are moving back to Norway this year I needed to purge all my Christmas décor. We did sell our 6.5 foot Christmas tree before Christmas and instead we got a 3.5 foot tree which we are thinking of giving to my sister in law and her husband. Still we had way to much décor to bring with us, over three boxes full and I needed to purge it down to one. As Christmas is my favorite Holliday I have collected a lot of décor and some of it I brought with me from Norway. Here is how I managed to complete this task.

  1. Gather everything and throw out anything that is broken unless you know you can fix it within the next day.
  2. Sort it into groups of decorations that match and choose your favorite group or groups, put your least favorite groups in the donation box.
  3. Make sure you have saved any décor that hold special meaning to you, wrap it up safely.
  4. See if there is some décor that you can recreate later, take a picture and put this décor in the donation box.
  5. Find the right size box and start packing your most favorite items then whatever don’t fit in the box will go into the donation box.

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