Friday, May 30, 2014


Spring is finally here. It does come a little late, but when it arrives it comes fast.
With spring the bugs arrives driving Sofie crazy as she is so scared of flies.
With spring the trampoline comes back outside for the kids to play and not to forget the bikes.
With spring all outside chores needs be done and you pray for sunny weather to get it out of the way.

So far I have raked the lawn removing all the branches that fell off the trees this winter in all the storms that came by. I have removed a ton of dog poop that were hidden in the snow. I have worked in one of my flower beds. And I have started refilling our firewood stock.

Jesse has started cutting down trees that needed to go either because they were to big or too close to the fences. And he is looking into things that he can do to the house.

The kids have put up a show behind the garage, playing with water and dirt making apple juice and cakes to sell. And today Sofie and her best friend kept riding their bikes back and from visiting each other all day.

It is such a freedom living here and we love it.

Now I just have to find more projects to do as the weather is supposed to stay nice next week too.
My parents arrive on Monday and will stay for three weeks and knowing my dad he has lots of projects in mind for our home. He likes it that way and at almost 70 of age he does not know how to sit still.

My next projects will have to be to plant flowers at the graveyard and at my home.
Paint the second coat in the hallway upstairs as it is almost a year and half since the first coat was painted.
Paint the hallway downstairs and rehang all the pictures on the walls.
Clean the kitchen and the living room.
Wash windows.
I also have a sewing project to get done for work and some knitting projects to get done.

What kind of plans do you have?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Farm house

I thought I would show you all our home. We bought it fall of 2012 and moved in right before Christmas. We really enjoy our home and are trying to find ways of making it more ours. Currently we have no farm animals except of a cat and a dog. And we rent out our land to someone who has horses.
IMG 0741The picture is taken in the fall when we bought the house. It has four bedrooms, one bath and a powder room. Three storage rooms, a combined living dining room, and big kitchen.  In the basement there is a laundry room, garage, and three more storage rooms.
IMG 0739The first part of the barn where they used to have cows at one point.
IMG 0740The second part of the barn where the hay used to be stored. IMG 0839This is how much snow we had the first winter in our new home. I spent a whole day shoveling it out of the way to get into the barn. IMG 0408A winter shot of our home

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Grateful Sunday 38

I am switching between Sundays and Mondays on this as I am out of routine with blogging.
That is just how it is when it has been two years since I last blogged regularly. I think it is a good thing I have this one post once a week to get me started again, then I just have to find other topics to write about as I stumble along.

This week though I am grateful for
271. Meetings that went really well.
272. A running program that works.
273. Medicine that keeps me level even though there is a lot of stress.
274. A family who is supportive during times of stress at work.
275. Having people telling me to my face they appreciate all the work I do.
276. A community that comes together for social gatherings at the local community house.
277. The forrest getting greener each day as the snow melts away.
278. All the birds returning and singing their songs.
279. The midnight sun has returned and makes me so happy.
280. This years first grill party on Saturday with my whole family there, aunt, uncle and two cousins.

This upcoming week has a lot of new adventures to it and I am both excited and anxious about it.
Hope you all have a great week.a

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grateful Monday

I am grateful for
261. The warm weather melting the snow away.
262. The sound of the river by my house.
263. The sound of all the birds arriving and getting ready for a busy season.
264. A free and independent country.
265. Energy to run.
266. Hugs and kisses from my girls.
267. Knowing my parents are coming to visit soon.
268. Time spent reading good books.
269. Being able to tape what I want to watch on TV.
270. My snuggly cat.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grateful Sunday 36

I am so grateful for my life right now and here are a few things that I want to highlight.
351. A beautiful house where my family thrives.
352. A big family that supports me in all I do.
353. A job that is flexible.
354. Two very healthy kids.
355. A husband who is with me through everything.
356. Friends who understand that you have both good and bad days.
357. A coffee machine that makes perfect coffee every time.
358. Spring is around the corner.
359. The music on my phone keeping me company at work.
360. Health to work out again.
What are you grateful for now?
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Goals and to do's


Okay so maybe not doable, but some goals have to be a little unrealistic so that you have something to stretch for.
In my last to do list post I wrote that I would like to run a 5K. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would actually do it, but I did in May 2012. Together with my best friend I made to the finish line.
Lets just say it ended there…, but this year we are traveling back to the states for a vacation and we decided to do another 5K together again. I have not been running in two years. I am living in a place with dirt roads and lots of snow and now mud everywhere. It won’t be easy, but again it is so unrealistic for me that I will totally do my best to make it again.
On July 13th 2014 I will run the See Jane Run 5K in Seattle and I will make it.
I am already doing my From couch potato to 5K runner training and have got to week three so far. It is hard and not too motivating doing it by myself, but knowing my friend is waiting for me over there to run with me motivates me a lot.
It is good to have something and someone motivating you to exercise and this time I will have to keep it up even after the race. There is a goal to be reached.
This weeks goals are to keep on running, get some work done, do some strengthening exercises and have fun with my girl who is going on a gymnast camp.
What are your goals for this week?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My daybook

Outside my window...
I am thinking...
about the beautiful weather outside and the fact that I am inside.
I am thankful...
that spring is finally here even though there is still snow everywhere.
In the kitchen...
I am cooking dinner for us and fish for the cat. 
I am wearing...
jeans and a blouse with a cardigan over. 
I am creating...
owl baskets and a pair of socks.
I am going...
to my class very soon.
I am wondering...
If I have time to finish this post and if I can figure out how to link it up. 
I am reading...
 The Journey West by Elaine Schulte in an attempt to read all the books in my bookshelf. 
I am hoping...
 I will do well on my run tonight, as I am training to get ready for a 5K run in July. 
I am looking forward to...
 my class this afternoon, where I will learn more about living with Bipolar.
I am learning
 that living a healthy life with minimal stress, keeps the symptoms away.
Around the house...
 the dust bunnies are multiplying in the sun.
I am pondering...
 when I will find time to vacuum yet again.
A favorite quote for today...
 a woman with a clean house doesn’t read enough books.
One of my favorite things...
 is my coffee machine that makes perfect coffee every time I need one. 
A few plans for the rest of the week:
 I need to bake a cake for a friend by Friday, work on Thursday and tomorrow maybe go for a walk and visit a friend. 
A peek into my day...
 today was running errands and grocery shopping, make some foods ready for the week and work a little. 
Picture of the day is the view from our home late at night

Changes in my life

I just sat down to read a few of the last posts I wrote before I all of the sudden just stopped. It is funny how into it I was for a while and then it got all sporadic and then nothing. I do know why though. The stress of trying to sell our condo, running our MOPS group and trying to stay on top of everything concerning moving to Norway was taking its toll on me and I was slowly going into a depression again.

I wrote this a year ago. Just before going into such a deep depression that I had to ask for help. So much was going on around me and I finally felt I couldn’t handle it all anymore. 

The last two years in the US were very stressful for me and my family. Sofie was sick almost all the time, we were struggling financially and we decided to move back to Norway again. 

Spring of 2012 were especially hectic as I not only were dealing with things at home, but I was running a MOPS group with my friends and in the process of selling our condo we constantly had people running in and out wanting to see our place, which meant that I had to have it looking perfect all the time. 

We finally got the condo sold, moved in with my mother in law, packed everything we could into 32 boxes and sold off everything else. Then we moved to Norway on June 27th 2012 after saying goodbye to all our family and wonderful friends at a big party the day before. 

In Norway we moved in with my aunt and uncle. They were wonderful, but it was hard living at times eight people under one roof, but by Christmas we were able to buy a house only 1.5 mile down the road from my family and move in. 

My husband started working at a local grocery store and quickly advanced there. Now he is a store manager at a competing store. I started working as a substitute at two different schools, but by march 2013 I was going into a deep depression and had to ask for help. 

With the support of doctors, psykatrist, and my family and friends I was able to come out of it by the summer and over the summer by careful examination of my shifting moods, I was diagnosed with bipolar. 

I have chosen to be open about this as I am still me and this is now a part of me and it has been for many years, being undiagnosed. 

I hope now that I will be back at writing again as it is really helping me being creative.