Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Changes in my life

I just sat down to read a few of the last posts I wrote before I all of the sudden just stopped. It is funny how into it I was for a while and then it got all sporadic and then nothing. I do know why though. The stress of trying to sell our condo, running our MOPS group and trying to stay on top of everything concerning moving to Norway was taking its toll on me and I was slowly going into a depression again.

I wrote this a year ago. Just before going into such a deep depression that I had to ask for help. So much was going on around me and I finally felt I couldn’t handle it all anymore. 

The last two years in the US were very stressful for me and my family. Sofie was sick almost all the time, we were struggling financially and we decided to move back to Norway again. 

Spring of 2012 were especially hectic as I not only were dealing with things at home, but I was running a MOPS group with my friends and in the process of selling our condo we constantly had people running in and out wanting to see our place, which meant that I had to have it looking perfect all the time. 

We finally got the condo sold, moved in with my mother in law, packed everything we could into 32 boxes and sold off everything else. Then we moved to Norway on June 27th 2012 after saying goodbye to all our family and wonderful friends at a big party the day before. 

In Norway we moved in with my aunt and uncle. They were wonderful, but it was hard living at times eight people under one roof, but by Christmas we were able to buy a house only 1.5 mile down the road from my family and move in. 

My husband started working at a local grocery store and quickly advanced there. Now he is a store manager at a competing store. I started working as a substitute at two different schools, but by march 2013 I was going into a deep depression and had to ask for help. 

With the support of doctors, psykatrist, and my family and friends I was able to come out of it by the summer and over the summer by careful examination of my shifting moods, I was diagnosed with bipolar. 

I have chosen to be open about this as I am still me and this is now a part of me and it has been for many years, being undiagnosed. 

I hope now that I will be back at writing again as it is really helping me being creative. 

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