Friday, May 30, 2014


Spring is finally here. It does come a little late, but when it arrives it comes fast.
With spring the bugs arrives driving Sofie crazy as she is so scared of flies.
With spring the trampoline comes back outside for the kids to play and not to forget the bikes.
With spring all outside chores needs be done and you pray for sunny weather to get it out of the way.

So far I have raked the lawn removing all the branches that fell off the trees this winter in all the storms that came by. I have removed a ton of dog poop that were hidden in the snow. I have worked in one of my flower beds. And I have started refilling our firewood stock.

Jesse has started cutting down trees that needed to go either because they were to big or too close to the fences. And he is looking into things that he can do to the house.

The kids have put up a show behind the garage, playing with water and dirt making apple juice and cakes to sell. And today Sofie and her best friend kept riding their bikes back and from visiting each other all day.

It is such a freedom living here and we love it.

Now I just have to find more projects to do as the weather is supposed to stay nice next week too.
My parents arrive on Monday and will stay for three weeks and knowing my dad he has lots of projects in mind for our home. He likes it that way and at almost 70 of age he does not know how to sit still.

My next projects will have to be to plant flowers at the graveyard and at my home.
Paint the second coat in the hallway upstairs as it is almost a year and half since the first coat was painted.
Paint the hallway downstairs and rehang all the pictures on the walls.
Clean the kitchen and the living room.
Wash windows.
I also have a sewing project to get done for work and some knitting projects to get done.

What kind of plans do you have?

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