Thursday, June 5, 2014

Drifting along

It is amazing how much can get done when your parents come to visit.
I was planning on painting inside my home, but ended up painting our deck instead.
The deck really needed it as it was bleached by the sun and worn by all the traffic and weather.
I just didn't think we could afford it, but my dad decided that he would buy the paint and help me paint too. So we have now spent three days painting the deck and I just have the stairs to the front door left to do. Guess I will get to that tomorrow.

This month I have to arrange four birthday parties. Sofies birthday is on the 26th of June and Isabels is on the 1st of July, both after we have left for the US. We have therefore decided to celebrate their birthdays with their friends next weekend and that makes for one party saturday and one on sunday. The weekend after that we will have a family party for them together. When we arrive in the US we will have a big birthday party for them over there too. They are two very lucky girls for sure.  Today I got out the invitations to Isabel's party and tomorrow I will do Sofies  invitations.

There is so much to do getting the barn ready for partying. I have to make tables and get enough chairs. Decorate and get the food ready. Lets just say I am getting a little bit stressed now.

My dad has spent a lot of time cutting down firewood and I have spent a lot of time moving the firewood for the winter to empty the wood drying room for the new wood my dad is bringing in. It is a never-ending job as I can't see the end to it anytime soon.

The cleaning will have to wait together with the painting of the hallways, but I will have to get some sewing done.

I am still thinking of posts to write for this blog, but I have no idea what to focus on.

Anyone have any ideas for my blog?

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