Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Three weeks gone by

IMG 0725

Three weeks has gone by since my parents arrived to help out with putting metal sheeting on the walls of the barn. The weeks has flown by so fast that I can’t believe we got so much done. Two walls got covered and my mom and I got a whole lot of other things done at the same time. The picture shows my dad up on the scaffolding preparing for the last sheeting to be carried up there and bent around the corner. That was Sunday. Monday we got the last sheet up and took down all the scaffolding. Not to mention the fact that my mom and I cleaned out my garage for stuff going either to a flea marked or the recycle plant. I managed to clean out a whole room in my basement that was filled up with either trash or our old stuff that we didn’t need anymore and I had put it all in the garage. So Monday it all went were it belonged. 

Now after being so busy for so long, I am trying to fill my days again with things that needs to be done before we leave on vacation. Today I have baked 9 bread, cleaned the hall, washed clothes and started packing. I got to keep busy so I don’t fall into a depression again. I feel it is not far off and I really don’t want it to take over now right before vacation. Making myself todo lists helps a lot. I have achieved a lot just today. 

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