About me

In 1995 I was a typical high school student in Norway and I was failing in English. Then family from the US came to visit and they invited me to come visit them in California. I got so excited that I asked if I could come and stay a whole school year. That is how I ended up as an exchange student in a California High School and how I found out that my English actually wasn't so bad after all as all I needed was a little self esteem.

Forward 6 years and I get married to one of my best friends from this year in California and he moves to Norway to live with me there.

Forward another 3 years and our daughter Isabel was born in 2004. Isabel loves gymnastics and being with her friends playing. She hates traveling, but has travelled more than most kids. Moving to the states at two and back to Norway at seven years of age, she is used to traveling between the two countries.

In 2006 I finally finished college with a Teaching degree in Comparative Religion. That is when we decided to sell our house and move all the way to the Pacific Northwest where my husbands family now live. And I started a new adventure as a stay at home mom and last year also a blogger.

In 2009 we added little Sofie to the family. Sofie loves her daycare and can't wait to start school in another year, here they start at the age of six. She is also the one who had a health issue. She was born without one antibody called IGG4 and has Neutropenia both which made her very susceptible to upper airway infections. Now she is as healthy as can be and is rarely sick anymore.

In the summer of 2012 we moved back to Norway and bought a little farm with no animals close to my aunt and uncle. We soon added a cat, Tiger and the next summer we added a dog, Kira. Within two years my husband has become the store manager of a grocery store and I am working as a project manager at a church.

The summer of 2013 I got diagnosed with Bipolar and I have chosen to be open with it. It does affect me quite a bit, but I try with medication to live with it as best as I can.

This blog is about me and my family, our life in Norway and everything that might come to mind.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you come to enjoy hanging out with me and mine.