Monday, September 6, 2010

Grateful Monday 11

holy experience
I must say that this week has been a roller coaster week. A lot of fast rides down and slow going up again. I know there will be more ups and downs as school starts this week, but I am looking forward to it.
This week I am grateful for:
101. two weeks of a healthy Sofie.
102. time to make a craft and feeling rejuvenated afterwards.
103. a surgery that went as planned.
104. Isabels recovery going pretty fast and well.
105. little girls giving lots of hugs and kisses.
106. a kitchen that is clean in the morning.
107. little girls snuggling against me.
108. freshly baked peach pie.
109. cream of wheat, finally a breakfast that we all like and is easy to make.
110. a day of having only one child at home, getting some rest finally.
I hope you all find something you are grateful for this week and I hope it will come to me easier than it has to find things to be grateful for.

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