Friday, June 3, 2016

Working on the barn

When you own property  there is always work to be done. This year we decided together with my dad that we should do something with our barn. The walls made of wood where rotting and falling apart and they needed to be tended to immediately. No paint could solve the problem either. So after discussing the problem and then finding metal siding laying in the barn we decided to get the metal siding onto the walls. 
My dad is extremely handy and came to help us. He is 72 years old, but in good shape. Together we raised scaffolding made out of reclaimed wood up to four stories tall. I only got onto the second floor, but my dad got onto fourth floor with ease. Within a week had managed to get siding on one wall due to fairly nice weather through the period. 
After we were done with the first wall, we took down the scaffolding and moved it to the next wall where we built in in steps. At least it didn't need to be as tall there. We discovered that the second wall were only 37 years old, but in the years it had only had about two layers of paint and that is not enough to keep it in shape when you consider the harsh weather conditions it is getting right there. Hard sun in the summer, lots of rain in the spring and fall and plenty of snow and wind in the winter. 
At the moment we are just about half way done with the second wall, but due to rain and wind we have had to take a small break for now. 

My dad on his way up to the fourth level. 

Looking down from the second level.

Seeing it from the side. 

My dad on his way up the scaffolding on the second wall. 

The walls are now covered in siding in several colors. The first wall is red, orange and black. And the second wall is dark green. 

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