Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Craft ideas and unfinished projects

I have so many projects in my mind right now. Things I have seen online that I want to try to make, unfinished projects that needs to be finished (UFO's), projects that just happened to pop up in my head for left over fabric (ideas), things that need to be fixed and house projects that I believe will make my house better organized. Did I mention that I love organizing?

Here are some lists of my projects:
  1. Mens t-shirt made shirt for Isabel.
  2. Crochet scarf (about 3 I think)
  3. Twin quilt for Isabel (started about 2 years ago
  4. Buttons on a baby doll dress.
  5. Buttons on pillowcases.
  6. Embroideries (4 I think)
  1. Fleece dress for Isabel.
  2. A purse.
  1. Isabels pants that need new stretch bands in the waist.
  2. 3 baby jackets.
  3. My knit jacket.
  4. One pair of babypants.
  1. Take out the dishwasher and make a roll out table for the space where the dishwasher then used to be. (yes I handwash all my dishes, yes I know I use more water that way, but I kind of like washing dishes, just don't tell my hubby)
  2. Make a backsplash.
  3. Finish up the ceiling project in the kitchen.
  4. Get more pictures in the diningroom.
  5. Put up wainscoting in diningroom.
  6. Find something to decorate my mantel with.
  7. Frame the picture my friend painted for me to make it more substantial.
But first of all, get off the computer now and crochet the dress for Sofie so it is done by April 17th.

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