Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little dent

No, I didn't crash my car. Although my car do have a dent, but that was my hubby who managed to back it up into our neighbors truck in October.

I am talking about all my lists for crafts and home improvements I need to get done. I even managed to fix a few things that wasn't on any lists. It is just so exciting.

Yes, I did take pictures. No, I have not downloaded them to my computer just yet, but they will come.

You want to know what I have finished?...

Drumroll, please ....

I finally refashioned a mens T-shirt to a shirt for Isabel (not my best handiwork, but it's as good as it gets).
I made Isabel a fleece dress to match little sisters dress (and it fits).
I finished putting new elastic in all of Isabels pants.

And I topped it by reorganizing my house a little bit (a little can make such a big impact though).

Did I get more done on Sofies crochet dress?...

No, not yet, but is isn't April yet...

Pictures of projects to come as soon as I find those girls to take their pictures with their new dresses on.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I totally agree that even a little organizing can make an impact. Somehow, knowing an area is more organized seems to make things a little better. :)