Saturday, February 27, 2010

The camera is missing

Yet again have I managed to loose my camera. I am sure I was the last one to use it, but I can't find it. I might be because I am in the midst of hmmm... way to many projects.

The biggest project might be removing my dishwasher, cleaning the floor where it used to be, putting new temporary flooring down there (since there were no flooring there), putting temporary shelfing up there until I get a new dishwasher or one of those carts on wheels. I was going to take pictures of the whole transformation, but since I have no camera there will be no pictures of me taking out the dishwasher. To bad since I really would have liked to have proof that I actually did it all by myself. Oh, well.

Other projects that I am working on right now is sewing a baby blanket of scrap fabric, crocheting a dress for Sofie and trying to decorate my mantel.

No wonder my camera is missing, it could be anywhere under all my stuff.

Anyways I really should get back to working on all my projects, but there is so many blogs out there that has so many ideas on things I would love to make. I think I will have to make a list of all of it some day.

Now where is my camera...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little dent

No, I didn't crash my car. Although my car do have a dent, but that was my hubby who managed to back it up into our neighbors truck in October.

I am talking about all my lists for crafts and home improvements I need to get done. I even managed to fix a few things that wasn't on any lists. It is just so exciting.

Yes, I did take pictures. No, I have not downloaded them to my computer just yet, but they will come.

You want to know what I have finished?...

Drumroll, please ....

I finally refashioned a mens T-shirt to a shirt for Isabel (not my best handiwork, but it's as good as it gets).
I made Isabel a fleece dress to match little sisters dress (and it fits).
I finished putting new elastic in all of Isabels pants.

And I topped it by reorganizing my house a little bit (a little can make such a big impact though).

Did I get more done on Sofies crochet dress?...

No, not yet, but is isn't April yet...

Pictures of projects to come as soon as I find those girls to take their pictures with their new dresses on.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clothes for my daugther - Moms' 30 Min Blog Challenge at Steadymom

My daughter who is 5 1/2 is very petite. She is long limbed, but short and lean. This winter I found she had outgrown almost all her fall clothes and I went out and bought her some new tights and pants. Since everything she had at home was a size 5, I ended up buying size 7 for the most part.

On the jeans I made sure they had adjustable waists or at least good loops for belts. But on the tights there were no such option. Needless to say all her pants fell down around her knees the first day she wore them and she was somewhat frustrated when she came home from school. Though I must admit it was pretty funny when her pants fell down while at the playarea at the mall.

My mom and I decided that it was time to redo the elastic in the waists on all the tights. We snipped the waistband open and threaded with new elastics. So much better now, but then she didn't like the little knot that we had made in the back. It hurts mamma...

Now the pants have been on my sewing table for almost a month for me to sew the elastic together. It is just not getting done. I do have a feeling though that I will have to put it on my to do list for today as she just told me her closet is empty for pants and she just has dresses left. Can't let her wear dresses when it is raining and I really do not feel like doing laundry.

Finally my to do list for today is
get Isabel to school, biblestudy group for me and Sofie, grocery shopping, sewing, cooking and baking.
Should be a great day as these are all things I actually enjoy doing, but have been putting off for so long.

That took me 20 minutes.
Edited to note (just had to relearn how to put links in my blog)
This is linked up to SteadyMoms Moms' 30 minute blog Challenge

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Living

One of the first blogs I found when I started my adventure in blog land is Simple mom edited by Tsh Oxenreider, founder of Simple Living Media.
It has been very inspiring to read her blog and get tips on how to simplify my life and enjoy the little things in life. She has several contributors who with their different backgrounds and interests shares the passion of simplifying their families life and also helping others do the same.
This year Tsh founded Simple Living Media and with that she also launched 3 new blogs to join the 2 she already had.
If you have not yet found them I recommend you do head on over there a check them out.
By the way did I mention that they are having an awesome giveaway to celebrate the new launch?
You will find a giveaway on each and every one of the blogs.

Craft ideas and unfinished projects

I have so many projects in my mind right now. Things I have seen online that I want to try to make, unfinished projects that needs to be finished (UFO's), projects that just happened to pop up in my head for left over fabric (ideas), things that need to be fixed and house projects that I believe will make my house better organized. Did I mention that I love organizing?

Here are some lists of my projects:
  1. Mens t-shirt made shirt for Isabel.
  2. Crochet scarf (about 3 I think)
  3. Twin quilt for Isabel (started about 2 years ago
  4. Buttons on a baby doll dress.
  5. Buttons on pillowcases.
  6. Embroideries (4 I think)
  1. Fleece dress for Isabel.
  2. A purse.
  1. Isabels pants that need new stretch bands in the waist.
  2. 3 baby jackets.
  3. My knit jacket.
  4. One pair of babypants.
  1. Take out the dishwasher and make a roll out table for the space where the dishwasher then used to be. (yes I handwash all my dishes, yes I know I use more water that way, but I kind of like washing dishes, just don't tell my hubby)
  2. Make a backsplash.
  3. Finish up the ceiling project in the kitchen.
  4. Get more pictures in the diningroom.
  5. Put up wainscoting in diningroom.
  6. Find something to decorate my mantel with.
  7. Frame the picture my friend painted for me to make it more substantial.
But first of all, get off the computer now and crochet the dress for Sofie so it is done by April 17th.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My crazy kid

Sofie who is now 7 months old loves to shake her head. She particularly loves doing this while we are trying to feed her. Right now she is overly tired, she is rubbing her eyes, sticking her hands in her mouth, and shaking her head, all while trying to eat her cereal. Lets just say she is a lovely sight.
My mom is putting Isabel in bed, reading for her upstairs. I can hear them and I am sure Isabel managed to get Bestemor to read an extra long story for her tonight.
Hubby is out visiting with a friend.
Oh, now we are blowing bubbles and sticking our tung out. Sometimes I wish I could film her while she is doing this. Actually I could, I just never remember to do so. It is amazing how loud these little ones can yell.
I guess I should just stop what I am doing here and just concentrate on her, but I just feel like I have to much to do and I just wanted to put some words down here before it got to late. I still need to do my biblestudy tonight for my class tomorrow morning and I have not even started.
Sometimes it just feels like time flies and just slips by me...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am so tired. For over a week now I have had to deal with a terrible toothache and it is wearing me out.

It all started last Tuesday with a visit to the dentist. He had told me before Christmas that I had six cavities that needed to be fixed and Tuesday I went in to get the two first ones done. I have always thought I was scared of the drill and all the tools that dentists use in my mouth, surprisingly enough it didn't bother me at all this time. Then again it is twenty years since my last cavity and I really do not remember much.

Everything went fine until he pushed down on my tooth and it hurt bad. He stopped and then he pushed again. Again it hurt and he says quickly before starting to fill it that if I get pain I should come back as soon as possible. Uh oh.

Wednesday comes and so does the pain. Since I am going back again the very next day I wait till then to have anything done about it.

Thursday comes and I mention to him the pain and he readjusts the bite a bit and goes ahead fixing the tooth on the other side of my mouth. Friday comes and I am still in pain and throughout the week it gets worse. Yesterday I was in so much pain that I could barely eat dinner as the hot food triggered even more pain. The only thing that works is ibuprofen.

Today I went back in and my dentist took new pictures and readjusted the bite some more. He found that I only have pain on one side of one tooth... okey interesting as my whole head still hurts. He thinks I might have to have a rootcanal, but wants to wait and see how I feel in a few days meaning Monday. Yeah I get to be in pain over the weekend as well.

On the bright side I now know I'm not afraid of the dentists tools, just the dentist...

Oh by the way I started crocheting a dress for my babygirl a few days ago and discovered today that I was making it to small. A little annoying to say the least. Here we go again.