Thursday, April 1, 2010

Computers, moms and kids.

I just wrote this great blog entry about being Norwegian and having my mom visiting us for 3 months and me and the kids visiting Norway in only a few days, but while trying to put a Html into it, it disappeared. Poof it vanished. An hour almost of work gone.

I just got a new net book to work on and I just recently started blogging so it is a lot of trial and error learning how to do this.

Still my biggest obstacle right now is time. Time to blog. Time to be with my kids, my husband and my mom. They come first, blog comes second.

It will be hard when I leave Norway after visiting there with my mom. She is not coming back with me. Then again it will be nice to be able to set my own schedule every day. Not having to work around how my mom likes to go out every day shopping or just having coffee. All I will have to work around is Isabels school and my husbands work schedule.

I am kind of looking forward to that. Maybe I will finally get myself together and start exercising again. Writing more, crafting more. I have a feeling I will have more time on my hands. I will bake more and have more friends over to visit.

It will be good.

I will miss my mom.

To all you Company Girls: This week went by faster than I had ever thought. Still have not been able to visit any of you, but I hope to be able to this week. It all depends on the kids(who didn't sleep well last week, maybe they will this week), my netbook and how it works, and my life in general. I wish you all a very good week.

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Stephenie said...

Have a safe trip. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. My older one just loves to help out with the chores. Sometimes it's like a game to her, or she's just proud of herself for doing something. The hair!! The older one had more than the baby does. Don't be too jealous, it's a pain to wash when they're soapy and squirmy. I was a baldy baby myself.

Have a safe trip, and visit with your mom.

Lauri said...

Make sure you take time for yourself. I know it is much easier said then done. I hope you have a wonderful trip back. Be Safe & have wonderful blessed Easter.