Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am not sure what I have accomplished this week that I had on my list. Maybe I should just make some new lists. The biggest thing I guess is Isabels quilt. I have worked a lot on it, but it is not done yet.

I have so many crafty things I want to make, but I just don't have either the time or sometimes just not the resources to do it. Still I should redo the list and post it here with links. That should be a task I should be able to finish by next Tuesday, right?

My family and I are going home to Norway for a visit and I think I am almost ready for the trip. All I need to do now is pack. I should probably make a list for that too. I am so nervous for traveling with a baby again, some lists for things I might need in my hand luggage would be good.

I want to plant some flowers in my planterboxes before I leave, that way they are nice a big when I get home. Need to make some lists for what I need for that then. I also need to get started on the yardwork for the homeowner association, lots to do there.

I definitely need to make a list of things I want to do around the house.

So for next Tuesday I have to have at least 3 lists made and maybe something finished. If I can get there I can get anything done ;)


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Denise Marie said...

show a picture of the quilt next time and keep that mental list going. :-)

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Your blog is just so pretty! I love the post-it notes and what they say. I flew lots with kids and I recommend you print paper dolls (search for free paperdoll printables online) for your girls, pack play-doh and lots of patience ;o) Thanks for the inspiration!

Our Lives said...

Making list is a good first step to tackle any projects. be it a physical or mental list. It really serves as a reminder for us to accomplish something if not all. When I need my husband to do a few small (or not so small) projects, I usually post a note (small list - 3-4 at a time) in the front of a cabinet where everyone can see it in plain view. It helps for the motivation and accountability. :)
I hope you have a wonderful trip with your family. I met a high school friend who was an exchange student from Norway - her name is Ina (If I remember it correctly). We have lost contact since the graduation (about 30 years ago). I thought about her when you mentioned Norway. She also had short hair like yours in your "about me" photo. Her friendliness and her big smile have left a big impression on me.

Denise Marie said...

I'm barely ahead of you sweetie!! I had just done all the getting of the tools out of the front porch before I posted this week. You said you were still planting (I am too).

I hope you have a fabulous trip...please post pics.

se7en said...

Oh I just love your post-it notes!!! They are so brilliant!!! Happy listing!!!

Jen said...

Thank you for your sweet note on my blog. I, too, love your post-it notes. Also, I love that you are from Norway! I got to visit Oslo when I studied abroad in Denmark in college. Best wishes getting back into your new routine!