Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Norway Trip

Welcome fellow procrastinators ;)
I am finally in Norway and I am so excited.
On behalf of my daughter I am really sad that it started to rain the day before we got here, because almost all the snow that she was looking forward to see is now almost gone.
On behalf of myself I am almost glad the weather is bad because then I don't miss my camera too much. I really wanted to take some nice pictures to show you all what my home town looks like. Unfortunately I forgot my camera back home. Then again I can always borrow my moms and take some pictures before I go to my moms home town on Friday.

Going on this trip has been a big project in itself. Packing for tree people. Making sure everyone has enough clothes and the right clothes. Diapers and toys. Making sure someone can watch the cat and that the dog has everything she will need at my inlaws house.

I sure did procrastinate a lot while packing. Even though I like to be done early I started the day before leaving packing for the kids. I still made it though.

Sofie is not getting a handmade dress for her Christening next weekend. It is not done due to my procrastination, but I do hope to be done with it before it is too small for her to at least wear it once to have a picture taken at some point. Man, my heart is racing in pure stress over that dress not being done and that even though my mom bought her a beautiful white dress to wear just in case...

The sewing table with my daughters quilt on is nicely tucked away in a corner waiting for me to get home. My mom even bought me more fabric so I got even more projects waiting for me now.

My newest ongoing project that has to be done by Thursday night is to go through a lot of the boxes that I keep at my parents house filled with clothes for the kids and my husband and I. I want to get rid of some of it. It is a big project to say the least. So far I have gone through two boxes. I am giving away one box with clothes that Sofie too has outgrown and the other box is mostly clothes that she can wear now or grow into. Tomorrow I need to get more done.

Well, I guess that is all from me today. I really should get in bed now. I will try to check in with all of you tomorrow or some other day if I can. I am a little busy you know ;)

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Amy Bowman said...

Isn't it amazing how much work it is for a mom to go out of town? I am always exhausted by the time we leave!! Packing is a BEAR, plus, like you said, all the little details like cat and dog, mail, watering plants, etc

Have a wonderful time there and be safe. Thanks for linking up!!

Meet Virginia said...

Norway!! That is so exciting, hope you have a totally awesome trip!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Kate said...

Enjoy your time in Norway and definitely borrow that camera! Amazing how much work it is to travel w/ kids. Thanks for stopping by Webster's Updates and leaving such a nice comment.

Aimee said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy your time with your family. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. :-)