Friday, June 4, 2010

Back again, savoring life.

I am finally back to America, well I came back may 8th, and I am back to blogging again, I guess since this is my first blog entry since April.

Our trip to Norway was wonderful. We had four weeks of snow, rain, more snow, lots of sun and even a blizzard. And then to be with my family, I loved every minute of it. My oldest daughter even started to speak more Norwegian again. We had family parties, played games, talked till late at night, cooked together, went on walks, and so much more. Most of all I enjoyed hanging out with my 14 year old cousin of whom I am Godmother to. She is so much fun and I specially enjoyed that she felt comfortable speaking with me about even difficult things. She had just got a new camera when I came to visit and since I had forgot to bring the charger for my own camera she ended up taking a lot of pictures for me. Now I'm just waiting for her to send me the pictures and then I will write more about my stay in Norway.

I savored every moment of my stay at home in Norway. The best of all was that my husband finally gave me an answer of when we will move back home to Norway. Spring or summer of 2012. I am so excited. Now I just have to get my place nice and ready to sell.

Since coming home I have had to deal with jet lag, kids having jet lag and the baby teething. We have totally changed our daily routines too and I find that I have more time now than before to take some quiet time for myself. Due to the jet lag I have now started to get up at 5 AM and that gives me 1.5 hour that I can use for prayer, excerise, breakfast and planning. Needless to say that I savor that time and it doesn't seem so bad anymore to have to go to bed at 9 PM at night, at least not if I want to be rested the next day. It is good to get these things done in the morning since I have more energy then instead for doing it at night when I am exausted from a days worth of caring for my family. Now I just have to find time for blogging too.

I must admit I have been finding it hard and even a little terrifying to start up again blogging, but thanks to Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary I am back. Today I am linking up to join her and the other Company girls for coffee. Taking her up on her small thing for today Savoring every little thing in life. Like getting up early to spend some quiet time in prayer or going to the nursery today to pick up some flowers for my little container garden.

Thank you for visiting, I do hope you leave me a little comment.


Jen said...

Welcome back! I have thought often of trying to get up before my family to have some quiet time and get my head on straight, but oh how I love sleep. I have such a hard time getting to sleep at night that it makes the morning that much harder. But, I have done it in the past -- perhaps reading your blog today is my sign that it's the right thing for me to do!

The Sassy Kitten said...

Welcome back! I hope to read more posts from you soon. Any hope of pictures from Norway?

So jealous that you get to return to your home...oh, all that winter weather and rain. Yum!
(And I am saying that with all seriousness.)

Forgetfulone said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! Glad you linked up today, and thanks for stopping by.