Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grateful Sunday 31


I am so grateful

301. for hand me down clothes for my kids, making it feel like Christmas in July.

302. for having lots of aunts around for the kids to always have someone to turn to other than mommy.

303. for hot baths without kids interrupting.

304. for getting to chat with my hubby on Skype.

305. for surviving two nights all alone with two kids at the summerhouse for the first time.

306. that after the storm comes calm sea.

307. for 75 degree Fahrenheit, thunder, lightening, heavy rain and hail.

308. for hearing Sofie starting to talk more and more and for it being in Norwegian.

309. for hearing Isabel communicating more and more in Norwegian and also understanding more.

310. that there is more Mackerel in the fjord than ever before.

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