Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures from our third week

In our third week here we got visitors over the weekend. My aunt and uncle from Bergen and my aunt, uncle and cousin from Senja.


Some mornings are slow. So slow that mommy even forgets to change and get the girl in proper clothes before she runs out to play or as she is doing here, putting the last finish on our new patio.


My uncle from Bergen is married to my mom’s older sister, loves hiking, used to run a marathons and morbidly likes to take pictures of dead mice as they get caught in my dads traps.


Isabel wearing one of many dresses and other outfits brought by my aunt and uncles, trying to figure out her new sling shot from Greece.


My youngest cousin, loves to take pictures, hates to be taken pictures of, my favorite cousin, my God child and Sofie’s God mother.


Hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather we had this week.


Sofie showing off her new dress from Greece.


My aunt from Senja has been with my my moms younger brother for 22 years and she is as important to me as my mom, Isabel’s God mother, owner of a horse, not camera shy like my uncle, funny and spunky.


My aunt from Bergen is immensely crafty, mother of four of my cousins, she is my moms older sister, big loving heart, reminds me always of my grandmother.

It was so wonderful to have so many of my family come here to see us. I had not seen my aunt and uncle from Bergen in 5 years and it was such a happy coincidence that this would be the year they were coming up here to visit as they only come this way every other year.

My family from Senja are coming back later to spend more time with us here before we go up to visit them. Isabel might even travel up north with them when they leave here.


This little fellow is a baby mouse that had managed to get trapped in a bucket in the barn. I found it and decided to see if I could keep it for a while for the kids to see and I actually got to feed it and study it for half a day before Isabel let it loose. Now it might be one of the many my dad have trapped…

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