Saturday, July 9, 2011

House tour

I would like to take you all on a tour of our summer house.

IMG_7937  IMG_7938

This is technically our back door, but it is also the door that we use all the time. This is where we keep food and equipment. That white box in the middle of the right picture is our fridge.

IMG_7939  IMG_7941IMG_7943  IMG_7944

There is space for clothes in the hall and this is where you find our pantry and the stairs to go upstairs.

IMG_7945  IMG_7946

The kitchen is a mismatch of leftover paint colors that my mom has mixed together. The old sink came sometime after my dad was born in 1944. Till then there was the water spout and a bucket. And when my dad was born the midwife forgot to turn the water off and there was flooding of the whole kitchen before my great grandma discovered the mishap.

IMG_7947  IMG_7948

To the left is the stove that we use for cooking and baking. To the left is the gas stove that my parents have bought and the air-conditioner my dad made for my mom to use on days when it gets in the 90’s here.


I don’t think I have ever seen this in the US. The perfect sign to tell you where the toilet is.

IMG_7952  IMG_7954IMG_7955  IMG_7956

Upper left picture is from the downstairs bedroom which is my dads room. Since we have to go through it to get the the toilet, we have a sheet hanging there for privacy.  The “powder room” which is more like a museum of times past. This is new of the past 10 years. Before this we would have to go outside to the barn where the outhouse was.


The living room has such a beautiful color and the oven is amazing. I am just sorry that the pictures of the oven didn’t turn out better. My parents even got a TV there too now with three channels.

IMG_7961  IMG_7963


The stairs going up is so steep and quite dangerous to climb down. At the top of the stairs is the first bed for any guests that come to visit.


The biggest bedroom also called the Blue room has two beds right now. The plan is to move the two beds from the Pink room in here together with the these two beds. This is the guest room.


The smallest bedroom is my moms room.


The Pink room is my room. The bed is unfortunately too small for my hubby and the plan is to eventually buy a bigger bed for us to put in here and then move these beds into the Blue room. This year Sofie and I are sharing the big bed and Isabel sleeps in my old crib. On the window sill is Isabel’s collections.

Thank you for visiting my summer paradise.


Milica said...

The house is so cozy and lovely! The colors are gorgeous!

brooke said...

It's so bright and happy! Love it.