Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living free


The kids are thriving here in Norway. Isabel is able to go outside whenever she wants to as long as she tells us where she is headed and stays somewhat within sight.

It is quite different from where we live in the US. Isabel is sometimes out by herself there too, but I always have to keep an eye on her and she has to stay right outside the door. She hates the restrictions of being outside there with no space at all and not being able to go out whenever she wants to.


Here she is out and about all the time. As soon as grandpa is out the door, she is right behind him. They work in the barn on wood work projects, she helps him bring in firewood, they work on laying rocks down for the new patio, they go fishing together, or they go to the river to get potatoes for grandma.

Some days she will run down to the beach to look for crabs and sea shells, other days she will run around the garden with Sofie, other times she will run to what she calls troll valley to say hi to our trolls which by the way are just some very big rocks that I was convinced had to be trolls when I was a child.

Of course she is missing having someone to play with outside, but spending so much time by herself here is good for her and her imagination.

Sofie is enjoying the freedom to play outside as well. Running out one door and in the other, around and around the house. She has had a few accidents so far as the property is on a hill and running can then turn into a tumble into a flowerbed.

It is good not having to think about any sex offenders in the neighborhood. It is good not having to fear any kidnappings. It is good not having to fear that my kids will venture out into the parking lot or the street and get hit by a car. It is good to let them live free.


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm glad you're all doing well :)

Milica said...

I have really enjoyed catching up on your trip! It looks amazing there!
You are right, it is wonderful to be out in the country and let the kids run and explore without so many restrictions.