Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dance as if no one were watching,
sing as if no one were listening,
and live every day as if it were your last.

Every weekday morning I walk Isabel to school. Living in the Northwest we have all kinds of weather during the winter months and that can some mornings make it more dreary getting out.

On rainy days it takes an extra 10 minutes just getting dressed in our raingear and putting the baby in the stroller without getting her soaked. Everything then seems to go so slow and you just wish you could skip the whole thing and just stay home or at least take the car.
The thing is that as soon as we are out and on our way we start singing and dancing and jumping in puddles. It is so much FUN. Everything smells so nice and fresh and everything seems so clean and brightly colored. I love being out in the rain, just not the thought of going out in the rain.

I am not a morning person and I can be a little bit cranky to say the least in the morning. Getting the two kids ready every morning to go to school and then having to hurry up at the end because I lost track of time while being online can make me super cranky. My poor kids... Then as soon as we are out Isabel will start singing and I start humming. Soon we are both singing funny songs that we make up right there on the spot. We run as fast as we can to catch up time and try to get to school on time and we always make it. We even have time for a few jokes on the way. Anyone heard of the two tomatoes crossing the road? One got hit by a car and the other one said: Come on ketchup... I know totally funny right..., well at least for a 5 year old.

I really do believe in this motto and really should try to live up to it more. Tomorrow is Monday again and it is time for school. They say it will rain and be cold tomorrow so a good song is needed to keep warm on the way to school.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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