Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shoes for use.

When I learned about this party my first thought was that I don't have any shoes worth showing. Then I figured that I could just show of the shoes for use I have downstairs in my "mudroom". (I have a few more upstairs in my closet, but those will be for another time when we talk about shoes not for use :) )

My slippers for the early morning, late evening cold floors. A Christmas gift from the girls together with a pair of very cute pajama pants.

These are a pair of indoor sandals my mom bought for me about 15 years ago. They are almost like new still and trust me they have been used a lot.

I love these flats. My mom bought them for me last time she visited me in the summer of 2008. So far they have been washed three times and they are still going strong. I use them year round and did I tell you that I just love them?

My new love affair. I found these on clearance for only $20. They are so comfy and is almost taking over for my flats and is definitely taking over for my Dansko.

Another pair that my mom has bought for me and these she actually brought with her from Norway to me when she came to visit me now. I don't know what I would have done without these. They are comfy, waterproof (except if you jump in the puddle) and they are so cool.
Yes my mom rock at buying shoes.

My old work shoes. I used to work in retail. Walking at least 1200o steps in 4 hours and these saved my feet and sanity on more than one occasion. Now they are just waiting for me to start running again. (Not sure if I ever did run before, but I would like to start at some point).

My Dansko. Well used. Good quality, but not so good for my feet anymore. Still having a hard time letting go.

My newest gift from my mom. Canadian waterproof boots. They got a higher heel than what I normally wear and they got stretch on the side and actually fit around my calf. I have never been able to fit into a hight boot ever before. My favorite with tights and a tunic.

Another buy I am not to sure about. To much stuff going on, but they are water proof, which is a good thing in the Pacific North West. Still they are warm and my daughter likes them.

That is all folks. I recently had to throw out my pirate rain boots otherwise I would have shown them too. Now I am planning an outing with one of my friends to go to the store, get coffee and a pair of rain boots each, all without kids in tow. Lets just hope it happens before we get the next big rain fall and I feel like jumping in puddles again.

Thank you Beth @ The Stories from A to Z for hosting this party.


Marianne said...

Not sure why it shows up so out of line here when it was perfect in preview. Oh, well. At least it makes sense when I read it.

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Okay first, I want a mom who buys me shoes too! How lucky are you? Second, I'm so glad you linked up because these are a great collection of well loved shoes. Those salmon colored running shoes are fabulous and your flats look comfy. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Kristi said...

I am loving the black boots! I can never find any that fit over my calf either! I wouldn't trust my mom to buy me shoes....all she ever wears is sneakers ;) Although I did ask her for a pair of Danskos for Christmas and she came through for me! I love them but being pregnant they make my feet hurt after about 3 hours :( bummer. Thanks for sharing!!

Sandy said...

A well worn bunch of shoes.. and comfee to boot!... sorry no pun


The mad woman behind the blog said...

I WANT those pink runners. Have any idea if I can get them online? They are adorable.

If you come see my party, don't be fooled. I had to dig deep to pull out the cute ones. I too have the mudshoes, that get the most wear.