Saturday, March 13, 2010

My hallway makeover

This is what my hallway has looked like ever since we moved in to our condo 4 years ago. Well it wasn't actually this bad, but then last summer we added to the family and the laundry pile grew to unreasonable proportions.

It was a mess. It got hard to walk to the children's bedroom and my toes would sometimes end up in a bloody mess.

Add my mom to it all and we had one more set of bloody toes. My solution to it all so far was to buy more baskets and put them all in the bathtub when company arrived with the shower curtain hiding it all. This did not work any longer.

Inspiration came from many different blogs. Off which I of course can't find right now and trust me I spent almost all day looking for it. Funny how it is that when you need it you can't find it.

The solution came from IKEA and now my hallway looks like this. All nice and tidy.

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Amy @ New Nostalgia said...

so fun to see my button in your sidebar-thank you!
you must come link up this post to "AP Tuesdays"
Love your solution! Good ole' Ikea...