Monday, April 4, 2011

Family est. canvas

CIMG3420 I had a few canvases that I wanted to make artwork with a few years ago, I traded them in for one piece of artwork by a friend of my husband. Well the friend was never happy with it and after a while neither was I. So I took it down of my wall and decided to do something new with it. I just didn’t know what.

After seeing a few ideas here and there in blogs I finally got it done yesterday.

First I decided to paint over it. I emptied a whole bottle of purple over it, but it didn’t cover the old paint. I was so frustrated.

Then I decided to use the Sunday paper and make a collage. I used Mod Podge and had at it. The result was not at all great. It was too busy. At this point I was about to give up and ended up just covering the whole thing with newspaper using only the printing and no pictures.

I finally remembered a statue I had seen in a Norwegian magazine my mom had sent me. I took a copy of the picture, resized it 200 times and cut out the shapes. I used the paper as a stencil and painted in with the only black paint I had. Fabric paint, it worked out just fine. The canvas no represents our whole family Jesse, Sofie, Isabel and Marianne and I decided to add the year our little family was established, 2001. I would have loved to add our last name’s, but we have to and mine is too long. Maybe I will add our initials A & B.


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Jenner said...

That is beautiful!! You should be very proud! I can draw (mostly dogs) but I can't paint worth a toot.

Beth said...

Very cool. Great idea, too. Creating is complicated, isn't it? It's worth the effort though. Thanks for sharing.

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

Very neat idea! You are so creative. Me? Not so much. Ah well, we all have our talents :) Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am your newest follower!

The Old Block House said...

Wonderful project.

I love that you took what you had and made it work. Following.

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Jayna Rae said...

Well done! Sometimes first failure leads to genious.