Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Planned procrastination is something that happens during Spring Break. Welcome to fellow Spring Cleaners and Procrastinators.


This is what I was doing yesterday (Monday) instead of Dusting my house. My oldest daughter Isabel and I went into the city, to the fancy mall as we call it and we had a blast. Cupcakes for brunch and lunch, Frappuchinos and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Don’t judge me, it was a special day celebrating my birthday and just the big girls hanging out together with out a screaming toddler taking all the attention from big sis.

CIMG4036 CIMG4037 CIMG4042

Eventually in the evening I got started and did my whole kitchen. I only got one before picture there though.

CIMG4043 CIMG4044

See how black the top of my fridge is? And yes we do keep the bananas there as Sofie tend to eat too many of them if she sees them all the time and that is not good for her tummy.


Medicine cabinet. Norwegian meatballs, a Christmas gift from mom. Got to love my mom and her always practical gifts.

CIMG4049 CIMG4050 

I wish I had a before picture of this cabinet. It was a disaster. My husband came in while I was working on it and commented how happy he was that like to prune and get rid of things. I filled a whole paper grocery bag with items that I no longer need.


Today I started on the living room. I dusted our entertainment center. No real visual difference since I dust and clean here twice a week due to sticky toddler fingers.

 CIMG4053 CIMG4063

Then came my mantle. Which a decorated for spring and Easter.


After the kids got in bed I dusted in the master bedroom, but I didn’t get any pictures there. We have one bookshelf there and I pruned out a whole paper grocery bag of books, vases and other trinkets that I didn’t know we had.

Then tomorrow (Wednesday) I hope to get to my kids bedroom and their shelves. Every time I have had time to get in there have been during naptime of which of course that room is off limits.

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Great job! :)